Prosper Workforce Services (Formerly PACE)

About Prosper Workforce Services (formerly PACE (Partnership for Autism Career Employment))

We provide exceptional workplace development for adults with autism who want to find and maintain competitive employment positions throughout our community.  Prosper Workforce Services is here to help individuals find work that matches their skills and interests, and that they will be able to maintain for as long as they are happy in the position.


It is the mission of Prosper Workforce Services to provide individualized, team supported, long term employment services to adults who have autism so they may reach their career goals, achieve greater independence, and contribute in a personally meaningful way to the community.

Prosper Workforce Services Values

Team Support: At Prosper Workforce Services we highly value the dreams of our clients and we believe that through enthusiastic advisor support, collaboration with community employers, and unyielding support from the individual’s advocates, our clients will be enabled to reach their career goals.

Self-Determined Programs: Every individual has the right to live their life in the manner of their choosing.  At Prosper Workforce Services, we promote clients directing their own services, determining their goals, and choosing their path in employment.

People First: Individuals who have autism are individuals first.  Individuals at Prosper Workforce Services are truly appreciated for their unique perspective and contribution to our community.

Best Employment Possible: Every employment opportunity is unique.  Any job is not the answer to underemployment for adults with autism.  It is in consideration of the whole individual and the characteristics of the workplace that Prosper Workforce Services can assist the individual and the employer in finding a meaningful partnership in working towards a common goal.

Prosper Workforce Services’ Services

We are here to provide exceptional employment services for adults with autism in the Omaha metropolitan area. We can assist individuals who are at any level of their career plan:

  • Currently employed, but would like extra support.
  • Have completed a job training program such as Project SEARCH.
  • Graduated from a high school or a young adult program.
  • Have previous work experience, but are not currently employed.
  • Have no work experience, but would like to become employed.

We utilize a comprehensive approach to assist individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful, competitive employment. We want each client to have a job that they love, with the support that they need in order to reach their career goals. Each client’s plan for employment is client-directed and will be specific to their needs. The plan can include the following steps:

Intake and Assessment
  • A full skills assessment including on-site work trial.
  • Full scope report of our assessments to guide the job search.
Job Development

Work plan development including the factors of work skill ability, personal preferences, sensory preferences, self-regulation abilities, and career goals.

  • Resume development.
  • Job seeking, application assistance, HR mediation, and advocacy.
  • Interview prep including video modeling.
  • Social skills development.
On-the-Job Training and Support
  • We can provide support during orientation and training required by an employer.
  • One-to-one training as long as is required for the client to feel comfortable in their new position.
  • We create any supports the individual may need to stay organized.
  • We provide encouragement, explanation, and structure for successful employment.
  • The intensity of services fades once success is achieved.
Consistent Long-Term Advising
  • The client always has access to their career advisor for support.
  • Frequent check-ins at the workplace are scheduled so advisors and clients can meet, discuss how work is going, solve any challenges, and celebrate successes.
  • Work can be unpredictable at times and we offer intermittent intensive supports through periods of change including staffing shifts, new supervisors, or change in job description.
Effective and Available Resource to Businesses
  • We provide training and support to businesses so they are able to provide natural supports to their co-workers.
  • We are always available to supervisors to help solve challenges, to help mediate any meetings, or to offer guidance.

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