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A Hopeful New Look for Autism Action Partnership

We’re happy to introduce a new look that represents our mission and goals

The mission of Autism Action Partnership has always been to provide awareness, support, and resources that help improve the quality of life of persons on the Autism spectrum. As the organization has evolved, we’ve worked hard to align Autism Action Partnership’s programs and services with our larger goals as we work toward this mission.

Our new identity aims to not only reflect the uniqueness of the people we serve, but also to highlight and simplify our areas of focus: Support, Inclusion, and Prosperity.

This new look and feel reflects more than just our hopeful nature! It’s also designed to provide high readability for everyone with a simpler, easy-to-understand distinction between our varying efforts to foster support, inclusion, and prosperity for the Autism community.

Honoring our roots as we move to the future

We believe it’s important to recognize the incredible work done by our original founders, past team members, donors, clients, and supporters across the community. With a nod to our forerunners who began the mission as The Sunshine Foundation, we’re happy to introduce a new logo that symbolizes the bright, hopeful path we’ve set out on. With interwoven threads, we hope to represent the inclusion we’re committed to bringing to the Autism community.

It’s our hope that this can become a symbol for the support, inclusion, and prosperity developed in the Autism community in Nebraska and beyond.

PACE becomes Prosper Workforce Services

The organization’s new approach offers the same career support for the Autism community, but with a renewed focus on helping individuals thrive in the workplace. Rather than just helping people seek independence, we believe in creating opportunities for Autistic people to be happy and truly prosperous in their careers.

You can still find exceptional workforce development services for Autistic adults who hope to find and maintain competitive jobs and have fulfilling careers—just under a different name. Employers can also still access robust training and resources to help them support and empower employees on the Autism spectrum. 

Learn more about Prosper Workforce Services »

With a new look and feel, thoughtfully realigned areas of focus, and refreshed strategic vision, we’re excited to bring hope for a brighter future to our community! 

Look for a new website in the coming days!

Autism Action Partnership Activity Kits


Autism Action Partnership recognizes the challenges caused when access to schools and services are limited! These services are critical to your loved one’s immediate and long-term wellbeing. The goal of these kits is to help bridge the gap so you can continue to foster forward progress at home. The contents and activities are the result of collaborative insights and contributions of a multi-disciplinary team that includes BCBA’s, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Educators, and Parents. The items were sorted and assembled with care by members of the AAP Guild.

Inside the kit, you will find a variety of items along with instructions for fun and therapeutic activities you can do over and over! You will also receive links to activity modeling videos and additional online resources with even more ideas for ways to use the contents of your kit.

Order Your Kit HERE

Our Mission Continues

With so much uncertainty in our world today, please be assured that Autism Action Partnership continues to seek opportunities to provide you with support…and hope. We are working to compile and maintain a cornucopia (yes…we just used that word) of links to local and national resources to provide information and activities to help weather this moment. The list is not comprehensive by any means but it is a start. We will be regularly updating the list so be sure to keep coming back. If you have suggested resources/links for us to add, then please send them to us at (Subject line: Cornucopia! 😊)

You may be quarantined but you are not alone. You can find/expand your “village” by joining our Facebook group of professionals, caregivers, families, and advocates.

Links to Helpful Resources and Information

(last updated: 09/22/2020)

Photo Credit: 📷 Catherine Grosdidier

Autism Action Partnership and Creighton University Team Up to Celebrate Inclusion

Autism Action Partnership and Creighton University Men’s Basketball team partnered to promote Inclusion on the weekend of February 23rd vs. Butler for the home basketball game. The players had on specially made t-shirts during warm-ups (and while on the bench), which highlighted inclusion and the Ignatian value of Cura Personalis. Cura Personalis is Latin for “care for the person” and is used to promote human dignity (in self and others). 

Creighton University’s mission compliments the work of Autism Action Partnership, and the CU Athletic Department has continued to use its reach to educate and inspire understanding and awareness of important social issues.



Bringing loved ones home. 

We are pleased to partner with Project Lifesaver and the Omaha Police Department to increase the safety and security of your loved one who is prone to wander or elope.

If you believe a Project Lifesaver Bracelet is right for your loved one, please email or call at 402-763-8830 ext. 1005

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