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Omaha Firefighter, Autism Action Partnership Come Together to Provide Sensory Kits to Ambulances.​

 Omaha firefighter Nicholas Lemek was out on a call when he realized there was a need in our community. “How can we do better for the people with autism in our community?” Lemek asked. He asked for help on Facebook. That same day, he said Austim Action Partnership answered with a solution. “This is pro-action,” Autism Action Partnership executive director Justin Dougherty said. Omaha fire and the autism organization partnered to put autism sensory kits in every ambulance in the city.  “Too often, we see reactive moments like this where there is a situation where they wish would have gone,” Dougherty said. Lemek said he is one of the few firefighters who’s gone through advanced autism training. It is something that is close to his heart because of the people he helps. “A child with autism is first of all a child. A teenager with autism is first of all a teenager. A person with autism is first of all a person,” Lemek said. Inside each sensory bag are ways for first responders and people with autism to communicate. There is a communication board, noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys and sunglasses. “Being able to utilize these, we can take out the player of too much sound, all these distractions that are bombarding this person,” Lemek said. All of it was designed to build a stronger bond between those who help and those who need it. Full Story from KETV Here


AAP received 2019 BBB Integrity Award

  These Awards focus on demonstrated ethical business practices with key stakeholders including customers, employees and community at large, rather than a company’s growth, profitability or popularity. “BBB’s Integrity Award Winners have shown that ethics and integrity are core values of their organization,” stated Jim Hegarty, president and chief executive officer, of Better Business Bureau, Inc. 


Bringing loved ones home. 

We are pleased to partner with Project Lifesaver and the Omaha Police Department to increase the safety and security of your loved one who is prone to wander or elope.

If you believe a Project Lifesaver Bracelet is right for your loved one, please email or call at 402-763-8830 ext. 1005

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