“Circle of Friends” Social Skills Programs in Nebraska Schools

Grant Funding provided by Autism Action Partnership allows educators to go above and beyond to provide additional opportunities and support for students with ASD. As a function of the grant, school staff can devote more resources toward improving peer-sensitivity training, offering student book clubs, building-wide staff development opportunities, and collaborating on target-student activities. Effectively trained peers serve as models of appropriate communication and social behavior for individuals with autism. Once trained, peers are to serve as models of appropriate interaction and behavior for their target individuals in different environments throughout the school day. Interaction with peers allows students with autism a safe, consistent arena to practice and improve their social skills. The social skills program helps to build peer interaction and relationships into the school day, helping to decrease the feelings of alienation a student with autism may experience.

For more information about Circle of Friends, please visit:
Nebraska ASD Network’s Circle of Friends

PACE: Partnership for Autism Career Employment

PACE provides exceptional employment supports for adults with autism who want to find and maintain competitive employment positions throughout our community. PACE is here to help individuals find work that they are interested in, that they are great at, and that they will be able to maintain for as long as they are happy in the position.

For more information about our PACE program, please visit:
PACE – Partnership for Autism Career Employment