Private Coverage

Insurance coverage for behavioral treatment for autism is now an option for many Nebraskans, which represents a positive change over the past 24 months. The Nebraska State Legislature passed LB 254 in 2014, which mandated private insurance coverage for many policies. LB 254 went into effect on January 1, 2015. Read about the passage of LB 254 here. And, find out more about LB 254 and its impact on private insurance coverage for autism treatment here.

Public Benefits

In 2015, after a class action lawsuit filed by Nebraska Appleseed and the National Health Law Project, the State of Nebraska began offering coverage for behavioral treatment under its Medicaid program. Read more about the lawsuit here. Find out more about Medicaid coverage for autism treatment through the Magellan handbook here. You can also call the Nebraska Medicaid Eligibility System (NMES) at 800-642-6092.