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Life coaches work with people with autism or Asperger’s, as well as his or her parents, caregivers, family members and employers. A life coach can help high-functioning children and adults with autism or Asperger’s form a relationship that can be beneficial in many ways.  For those individuals who have significant difficulties socializing with others live coaches can interface with employers, support them in keeping a job, work with them to try new activities and learning new things, and assist in building skills that are all part of a more independent, socialized, healthy, and productive lifestyle. Life coaches may be used in a number of ways to be of benefit your family. In addition to spending quality time with the child or adult with autism or Asperger’s, offering a positive relationship and strengthening social abilities, a life coach may also assist with developing ways for the child or adult to become more independent in their daily activities, such as hygiene practices, grooming, completing chores, organizing responsibilities, communicating with others, and so forth. The life coach can also assist the parents or caregivers to: •    recognize and capitalize on personal strengths •    become better organized in everyday matters •    develop routines that are suitable to all family members •    understand problem behavior and how to help the child or adult most beneficially •    manage family events and holiday functions more skillfully •    organize the child’s or adult’s environment to be more comfortable and conducive to learning •    seek out other available resources •    advocate and interface with an employer   Locate a Life Coach Near You