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ASD Network – The Nebraska Department of Education’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Network offers a variety of up-to-date information and training based on current research about ASDs. Workshops, scheduled throughout the state of Nebraska, offer training on a variety of topics.
Cindy’s Autistic Support – Social Skills – This page lists videos and books designed to teach social skills to children on the autism spectrum, social skills documents, conversation starters, and a list of social skills links. Jill Kuzma’s Social Thinking Weblog – Julie Kuzma’s website was created for families and professionals who work with children on social thinking skills. Teaching tools can be downloaded from this site. MES English – Recess Activities – MES-English is a resource for teachers of young learners. All resources are designed to be versatile and useful in K-6 classrooms. Free flashcards, such as recess flashcards, and other documents are available. Parenting Science – “Social skills activities for children and teenagers: Ideas inspired by research” includes a list of activities to help children on the autism spectrum learn appropriate social behaviors in a group. Ryuu – the Game – This is a collection of social skills card games and learning activities that teach social skills to children and teens with autism spectrum disorders. Sandbox Learning – Sandbox Learning is dedicated to developing fun and engaging materials to meet the personalized needs of each child that are ideal for learning and development. These items are available for purchase. Speaking of Speech – This website includes free materials that support the development of social skills and pragmatics. Super Duper Publications – Super Duper Handy Handouts are free online, informational newsletters for teachers and parents on a variety of topics, such as sharing, personal space, helpful strategies for teaching children how to play board games, and many more! Thomas the Tank Engine and Autism (Article) – “Thomas the Train and Autism Spectrum Disorder” includes information on the characters’ use of exaggerated facial expressions, set for relatively long periods of time, which allows children with ASD to relate to the emotions, expressions, and feelings of the characters. TinSnips – TinSnips is a special education resource that strives to share a variety of techniques, activities, and worksheets with teachers of students who have ASDs and related developmental disabilities. The Watson Institute’s Behavior Stories – This website includes stories that deal with a variety of topics, such as everybody thinks differently, calming down, friends at school, and more.
Social Problems: Understanding Emotions and Developing Talents by Temple Grandin –