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Arc of Omaha  – The Arc of Omaha offers a broad range of programs to accomplish its mission to improve and enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities and to provide information, education and support to their families.
Autism Community – Autism Community contains information about treatment options, accessing services, school issues, disruptive behaviors, sleep issues, eating issues, toilet training issues, and more. First Signs – First Signs is dedicated to educating parents and professionals about autism and related disordersAnswers 4 Families – This is the home page for families with children, youth, and adults who have a disability. The links listed on this page will take you to a wide variety of information and help you connect to and learn from other families! PTI Nebraska – PTI is a local resource for parents and caregivers of individuals who have a disability.   PTI Nebraska empowers parents and provides them the knowledge and capacity to improve the education and healthcare outcomes for their children. Nebraska Transition Library – A wonderful resource to parents of children with disabilities in Nebraska. You can borrow curriculum for free and only pay for return postage. The library provides access to many learning tools. The Awesomely Big List of Ways To Help Parents of Autistic Kids – A list of helpful ways you can support a parents who has a child on the spectrum. When Your Family Doesn’t Understand Autism – One woman’s perspective on how to bridge the gap with friends and family who may find it difficult to understand and talk about how autism affects your life. Realistic And (Almost) Totally Free Ways To Get Respite – Whether you have access to a respite provider or you are taking 5 minutes to yourself, this is a list of finding. PTI Understanding Your Child’s IEP Webinar