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10 Tools to Teach Social Skills for Autism Different Roads – tools and materials for students on the spectrum 5 Fabulous Fidgets for Special Needs Do2Learn – A site that provides activities and curriculum for students who have special needs. Areas include social skills, fine motor activities, and academics. Mayer-Johnson – A publisher that provides a wide variety of learning tools for the special education classroom and diverse learners. Enablemart – A online store full of just about everything you could want for individuals with diverse needs. Pro-Ed – A publisher of curriculum and testing materials. Therapy Shoppe – A store full of sensory items, learning tools, and inspiration for the parent, teacher, or therapist. Tasks Galore – A publishing company that offers wonderful books on curriculum for the special education classroom including art, work boxes/systems, life skills, and more. Super Duper Inc – Fun Learning Materials for Kids Autism Educators.com – This site offers free work tasks as well as materials for purchase 45 Ideas for Fidget Toys – This list of classroom fidget toys is great for home and school.