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Autism 4 Teachers – Curriculum  – This section of Autism 4 Teachers website offers adapted books, math activities, science, social studies, spelling, writing and language arts activities to download. Autism 4 Teachers – Literacy Support – This link of Autism 4 Teachers provides examples of adapted worksheets, book review sheets, literacy support for specific books and more. Autism 4 Teachers – Thematic Units – This Autism 4 Teachers section shares holiday/thematic activities. Autism 4 Teachers – Visual Support – This section of Autism 4 Teachers shares examples of visual supports. Most files can be opened using Microsoft Word. Sandbox Learning – Sandbox Learning is dedicated to developing fun and engaging materials to meet the personalized needs of each child that are ideal for learning and development. These items are available for purchase. The Watson Institute – Classroom Tools: This site offers free helpful information on tools you can put in to practice for individuals who have specific learning needs. This site offers ideas on self-monitoring, mini schedules, organization, and goals. Nebraska Transition Library – A wonderful resource to Nebraska school teachers, parents of children with disabilities, and non-profits who work with individuals with disabilities. The library provides access to many learning tools. The Autism Helper – Academics: This site is created by a special education teacher with lots of insight and information to share. Positively Autism – This site offers additions to your curriculum in the areas of social stories, data collection tools, holidays, academics, and more. MES English – Recess Activities – MES-English is a resource for teachers of young learners. All resources are designed to be versatile and useful in K-6 classrooms. Free flashcards, such as recess flashcards, and other documents are available. Mayer-Johnson’s Boardmaker : This site and program allow you to create picture-based cues, schedule, and curriculum for individuals. The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder – Evidence- Based Practices: a listing of approaches to use in your classroom that are evidence-based.