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Cindy’s Autistic Support – Classroom Management – Cindy’s Autistic Support is a website offering essential information for families and professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum. The Watson Institute – Setting up a Structured Classroom: This website offers free helpful information on how to set up your classroom to assist individuals who have specific learning needs. This site offers ideas on centers, work stations, layout, materials, and so much more. 12 Tips for Setting up a Classroom Autism Classroom’s: A Teacher’s Recipe for Success – This is a list of to-dos when setting up your classroom. Some materials are provided and a book is available for purchase. Environment and Surrounding – This guide from the National Autistic Society in the UK provides helpful information and tips on creating healthy and supportive environments for individuals with autism. Series I – Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up Your Classroom: Part I – What to do Before the Start of School The Autism Preparation Kit for Teachers – This helpful guide is available for $5.00 and provides a wealth of information on getting ready to work with students who are on the spectrum. Visual Supports for the Classroom Setting Up a Secondary Life Skills Class Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum disorders: A helpful document that outlines the usefulness of visual supports and how you can integrate this into your day. Autism Home Decorating: Make your home autism friendly – helpful tips on how to arrange your home for a loved one on the spectrum.