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Cindy’s Autistic Support – Behavior Support – This section of Cindy’s website provides examples of classroom management strategies, techniques and activities, as well as links to behavior management sites. Behavior Advisor – This website offers advice on behavior management as well as providing a message board of all types of behaviors and possible solutions. Discipline Help – a resource for handling student behaviors at school and home Sandbox Learning – This site offers customizable social story subscriptions available for purchase. Sandbox Learning is dedicated to developing fun and engaging materials to meet the personalized needs of each child that are ideal for learning and development. The Autism Helper – Behavior: This site is created by a special education teacher with lots of insight and information to share. This site has lots of trick of the trade to make your classroom successful. The Watson Institute’s Behavior Stories – This website offers stories that deal with a variety of behaviors that can be downloaded. Topics such as behavior, school routines, friends, school work, as well as others, are addressed Anyone Can Have A Meltdown – an article describing meltdowns, how they are different from tantrums, and how you can support someone experiencing one. Understanding Behavior – A guide from the National Autistic Society in the UK that offers a wide range of helpful tips on anxiety, challenging behavior, mental health, and more. Supporting Appropriate Behavior in students with Asperger’s – A guide to working with students in your classroom. Autism Q and A: Positive Behavior Support – Information from the VCU Autism Center for Excellence on behavior support and the process for implementing a plan. Autism Q and A: Positive Behavior Support Plans Information from the VCU Autism Center for Excellence on behavior support plans and the process for implementation. Managing Wandering for People with Autism – The following article provides suggestions for parents about how to protect individuals who are prone to wander or to suddenly put themselves in harm’s way.